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All Over Now – Single

  • All Over Now

All Over Now
And I know exactly what you're feeling babe
I watched your red heart fade to grey
I heard the words you never said to me

So I know
That you don't wanna love again
I watched your teardrops turn to rain
I waited in the cold but you never came

But it's all over now
And this heart is slowing down
I guess it never started but i won't make it harder cos you weren't even ever around
But its all over
Now it's all over now

So it goes
The story didnt get to start
Spaceships heartbreakers and rockstars
Ive had my brain erased Don't know who you are


Take away my soul baby if its what you need
Take away my eyes so that you can see thru me
If you take my heart I'll make u feel every beat
It's in your hands x3


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