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April 02, 2013


Not Here (Feat. ProVerb) – Single

  • Not Here (Feat. ProVerb)

South African’s popular hit maker Daniel Baron has joined forces with rapper, radio and television personality ProVerb on a smoking new single entitled ‘Not Here’. The song was jointly written by both artists and features ProVerb rapping heart felt lyrics on the verses and haunting and melodic choruses by velvet-voiced Baron. “There is a trend for different styles of music to merge on a song, especially with rap and pop rock and I wanted to explore this in my own music,” said Baron, who released his debut album ‘It’s Time’ in September 2012 and has no fewer than 7 play listed singles on radio stations across South Africa, “Working with ProVerb was an incredible experience as he is a true professional with loads of talent and I really hold him in such high regard in the music and entertainment industry.” “I’m a fan of Daniel Baron’s music and when he asked me to collaborate I jumped at the opportunity,” said ProVerb, “’Not Here’ is such a personal song and the content is so specific that I had to tap into some emotions before I could even begin writing. Once I got the mood right and the correct tone and feel it was easy from there. I’m a conceptual writer, I love music with substance and this single is no different.” Baron has had a string of hits on radio including ‘Paint My Blue Sky’, ‘So Much More’ and ‘See Thru’. His most recent single ‘All Over Now’ is a top 10 hit and he will be releasing ‘Different Feeling’ in the England in May. ProVerb recently released his fourth album ‘Fourthwrite’ which has been nominated for a number of South African Music Awards this year. ProVerb is a well-known voice on 94.7 Highveld Stereo and is the host on South African Idols. ‘Not Here’ was produced by Brendan Campbell and is available for download as a single on iTunes and other online platforms. It will also be available on the Special Digital Edition of ‘It’s Time’, which will be released later in April.

Not Here (Ft. ProVerb)
Who's gonna drown all my tears
And wash away all my fears
When baby you are not here
Not here

Baby you're not here
And this is not fair
I got tears running down my face
What, do you not care
I'm at a loss here
I invested a lotta years
And you just gotta here me out before you're outta here
This was not the deal
All the pain that I gotta feel
It's like we started to destroy and we forgot to build
It's like we forgot to enjoy and then forgot to chill
And this is how I feel

I still feel every beat
Of my heart killing me

Who's gonna drown all my tears
And wash away all my fears
When baby you are not here
Not here

Wait no no
What do u mean its over now
When, over how
Then, shot me straight to the heart
I'm a soldier down
Begging I'm on the ground
Headaches are all around
Somebody please get paramedics and call 'em out
I need a doctor quick
It's like my heart has stopped a bit
Or u just ripped it out and tossed it in the garbage bin
Thought we were still in love
But it was just the opposite
I'm not the only one who's lost in this

Both our hearts, beating fast
Torn apart by the past

Who's gonna drown all my tears
And wash away all my fears
When baby you are not here
Not here

When the tide comes in, and it washes me away
When the memories go, but I can't forget your face
Will you come home, will you still keep me safe


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