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May 25, 2018


One More Goodbye

"So here goes... Three months ago my heart broke. These months have been very difficult. I allowed my heart to bleed into my music and I recorded a bunch of songs. This is the first of them and one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write. It’s called 'One More Goodbye'. To anyone out there that is going through heartbreak, stay close to God, and you’ll be fine." - Daniel Baron

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One More Goodbye

We made love when it rained
I smiled when you called my name
You loved driving me insane
We were one

Then awkward moments turned to fights
Sometimes you never said goodnight
That's when I couldn't close my eyes
Oh I tried

Now I'm sitting here wondering where did we go wrong
If everything was perfect tell me why are we moving on

Will you still remember me sometimes
And if you ever think of me somehow
Know that I'm always thinking about you
And in my dreams I'm trying to find you
Now it's raining and I need you
Even if it's just another goodbye
Sometimes I wish that we could say goodbye again
One more goodbye

We used to talk about our dreams
How we'd go get married on the beach
You laughed when I kissed your feet
We were free

I was gonna ask your daddy if I could make you my wife
But every time I brought you flowers there was something hiding in your eyes


Take me back to our first date at the bowling alley
That drunk cab ride back in LA when we were young and stupid
Give me one more kiss on the escalator
Before it all got so complicated
One more smile before you walk away
Can you look at me and tell me this was all a game?
What about the times when we cried together?
Did you mean it when you said you'd love me forever?
Before the end will you run into my arms again?


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