Daniel Baron Aims To inspire Hope With Upbeat New Single ‘All I See’

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Johannesburg, 27 March 2020. Today, the country slips into a 21-day lockdown as a result of the rapid spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. As many of us try and come to terms with what a lockdown means for our economy and country as a whole, pop star Daniel Baron hopes to ease some of the country’s anxiety as he drops his brand-new single ‘All I See’ – the second single off his upcoming fourth studio album ‘City Of God and The Jungle Below’.

The single comes weeks after the star returned to the music scene with his experimental record ‘Cannibal’. While that song showed off an edgier side of Daniel, the star goes back to his pop roots on ‘All I See’.

This kaleidoscopic pop spectacle takes an honest and raw glimpse into the mind of Daniel Baron and how he sees the world. In the lyrics, he admits to his own imperfections and touches on the current turbulent state of the world before alluding to how love can heal all.

“I want this song to be a beacon of hope, and perhaps something to ease the minds of those who hear it through these crazy and difficult times that our world is going through,” Daniel explains. “It’s about how, even in the midst of what feels like dooms-day, when I look into the eyes of my loved

ones I am fuelled with hope for our lives and for the rest of the world. When love is present, the apocalyptic curtain falls and the world immediately feels like a heaven on earth.”

The song stands out due to the fact that it is riddled with melodic hooks and sing-along choruses yet breaks the mould of the ordinary pop song structure as it transports you to a new unpredictable dimension for the thought-provoking ending.

‘All I See’ delves even deeper down the rabbit hole toward the full reveal of Baron’s forthcoming album ‘City Of God & The Jungle Below’ – a project the star has been working hard on over the past few months.

Now couldn’t be a better time to release such an inspiring track. “Music is a carrier of faith, hope and love. Songs have the power to do more than we know,” Daniel says. The world has entered uncharted territory and now, more than ever, it’s important for us as humanity to come together and do what’s right to flatten the curve so that we can limit the number of new Covid-19 infections and, in turn, prevent as many deaths as possible. “Stay at home, listen to some music and spend quality time with your loved ones,” Daniel encourages. “Pray for our doctors, our leaders, the less fortunate, and for the sick. Pray for the world. And again, most importantly, stay at home.”

‘All I See’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here:

Watch the music video here


Daniel Baron Calls Out French DJ David Guetta For Plagiarising His Song

Johannesburg, 19 March 2019 – In a story which could become one of the biggest musical scandals the country has seen, striking similarities have been discovered between Daniel Baron’s 2016 hit single ‘Children Of The Sun’ and David Guetta’s new collaboration with Sia, ‘Light Headed’, which appears on the DJ’s latest album ‘7’. The album was released in September 2018 and subsequently peaked at number 37 on the Billboard 200 chart.

It has been found that ‘Light Headed’ contains an identical melodic, chordal and rhythmic similarity to what has become Daniel Baron’s most successful single to date. In a video released onto YouTube, the two tracks are played simultaneously and the similarities clearly heard.

Daniel confirms that he is currently involved in a legal battle with the famous French DJ and that his legal team, led by Stephen Hollis of Adams & Adams, has made initial contact with Guetta regarding the copyright infringement. However, the musician confirms that there still hasn’t been a response from the DJ or his team. Guetta’s local publisher, Geoff Paynter Music Publishing, confirmed that a letter of demand was sent to David Guetta last year. “We confirm we received a letter of demand in December 2018 which was immediately forwarded to our sub-publisher principles. They confirmed that they, in turn, forwarded the correspondence to their publisher principles,” Geoff Paynter said in a statement.

After hearing Guetta’s infringing track shortly following its release late last year, Daniel appointed top South African musical professor Jean Zeidel-Rudolf to conduct a musicologist report which analyses the two tracks and has subsequently ruled that plagiarism is clear. The similarity can be heard in the main hook melody of Guetta’s song which appears seven times throughout the song. The notes and rhythmic positioning of the notes are of exact resemblance to the chorus melody of Baron’s song. ‘Light Headed’ even shares the same root key signature of C-Major, identical to Baron’s ‘Children of The Sun’. This result prompted local royalty society SAMRO to freeze the royalty stream to the track until the matter has been dealt with.

‘Children Of The Sun’ was written, recorded and produced by Daniel Baron in early 2016 – two and a half years before Guetta released ‘Light Headed’. Baron claims that he remembers coming up with the main chorus melody even a year prior adding that he has a recording on his phone from 24 June 2015 when he started writing the song.

The song became a massive hit around South Africa reaching the number one spot on multiple radio stations and streaming charts around the country. It was the fifth most played song in South African radio in 2016 and was also one of Baron’s first songs to break into the international music scene with radio play and streams across Africa, Europe and Asia – even featuring on the viral YouTube channel TrapNation – garnering over 1 million views. ‘Children of the Sun’ was also one of the biggest tracks in the country when Guetta performed at Ultra South Africa back in 2017.

While Daniel and his legal team are prepared for a court case, the local pop star simply wants to be credited as a songwriter on Guetta’s track. “I was so shocked when I heard Guetta’s new song for the first time. It felt surreal to hear the tune that I came up with years ago,” Daniel says. “I’ve always been a fan of him and I look up to him as an artist/producer, so I actually feel rather bewildered and slightly proud that he’s used my melody. I am not the type of person that would want to start a fight with him. All I want is to be credited as a co-writer.”

Daniel adds that while it’s difficult for him to see one of his idols use his body of work without permission, it says a lot for the quality of South African music today. “South African music is making the world sit up and listen,” Daniel says. “While it hurts seeing someone copy something you put your blood, sweat and tears into without making contact and sampling it legally, it’s incredible to see that massive international acts are inspired by local music – and that’s a real honour.”

More updates will be made available once the case proceeds.

Watch video comparing the two songs: https://youtu.be/28spjKV5Szo

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Friday, 3 August 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa


The self-taught musician has achieved five number 1 hits and People Magazine have referred to him as “One of SA’s greatest pop-stars”. Last week he surprised fans with a sultry new single titled Sacrificeand today Daniel Baron reaches a new milestone in his solo career as he breaks the one million mark with a total of 1,081,529 streams across the digital sphere (according to Tunecore Sales reports).

Known for his constantly evolving sound and bold cross-genre antics, Baron’s success has stemmed from pop-rock anthems such as ‘So Much More’, to the dance-floor chart-crusher ‘Children Of The Sun’, which was one of the biggest SA dance songs in 2016, also receiving airplay in Europe. He has collaborated with the likes of Euphonik, ProVerb, Sketchy Bongo and Pascal & Pearce.

Daniel, who opened for Bon Jovi at FNB Stadium in 2013 wrote on social media, I am an independent artist, so the one million mark is massive for me. Thank you for listening to my music. Next stop 1 billion…”  Despite being offered deals by a number of local and international labels, DB maintains that he wants to continue his journey as an independent artist.

He is currently travelling across the country with his Unplugged Tour, recently performing a number of shows along the coast with an upcoming gig at Bailey’s in Bedfordview, Johannesburg on 8 September. Further dates to be announced soon. The crooner recently took off his shirt for the camera revealing a rather fit physique.  

Watch his latest music video for the heartbreak ballad “One More Goodbye”!

Check out the Guns N’ Roses cover medley he recently recorded in the streets of Joburg!

Shirtless Shoot 1


One More Goodbye - Banner

“So here goes…
Three months ago my heart broke.
These months have been very difficult.
I allowed my heart to bleed into my music and I recorded a bunch of songs.
This is the first of them and one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write.
It’s called ‘One More Goodbye’.
To anyone out there that is going through heartbreak, stay close to God, and you’ll be fine.” – Daniel Baron

Available everywhere: smarturl.it/OneMoreGoodbye


Multi-chart-topping prodigy Daniel Baron is no stranger to pushing the envelope of pop music, and holds nothing back in his latest offering. 16 June 2017 (Youth Day) marked the worldwide release of his highly anticipated third studio album ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’, which debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes album chart.

The monumental radio hit singles ‘Beautiful Noise’ and ‘Children Of The Sun’ (SA TOP40 #1 Hit) form only the ‘tip-of-the-iceberg’ in this explosive culmination of genre-jumping acrobatics he is famous for. Cinematic string sections unveil hard- style drops and collide with African deep house beats. Addictive pop-infused hooks belted out by Baron’s metallic vocals form contrast to an array of organic dance with a near Middle-Eastern flare erupting in cross-cultural fireworks.

It’s an intricate but fearlessly crafted masterpiece as apt as the lyric “I like to play with fire” in the untamed rock/EDM hybrid ‘Pyromaniac’, and as honest as the hip-hop inspired soul-baring ‘Piano Off The Roof’.

Baron’s signature youthful choirs echo through-out the alluring intro ‘Pink Atomic Symphony’ as well as the anthemic title track ‘Weekend’, which delivers the album’s constant parallel theme of celebrating love and destroying hate in one colossal earth-shaking party.
“Love is the reason that we can Armageddon on the dance floor”, sings Daniel, adding a pertinent and prophetic message of biblical proportions: “If we don’t love there’s gonna be a rapture.”

Daniel speaks about his experience creating his latest work:

“I have never been as proud of anything in my life as I am of this album. I have

never worked this hard. I’ve put everything behind this project, and I have all faith in it. My only goal with this, is prove that music can create peace and love, and bring enemies together in one dance.”

The chameleon of music — Baron remains a maverick on his love/war-path. “Weekend Of Mass Destruction” releases exclusively to Apple Music & iTunes, with 1000 limited edition autographed physical CD’s up for order.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 30 September 2016



This year People Magazine named him “one of South Africa’s greatest pop stars” and now the hit-maker is set to storm the charts once again with a brand new addictive summer tune titled ‘Beautiful Noise’.

Following the mega success of his 2016 number 1 dance anthem ‘Children Of The Sun’ — which topped the charts on most radio stations and became one of the most played and downloaded songs in South Africa, also gaining attention throughout Africa, India and Europe — Baron has struck again with something fresher and ‘house-ier’ than anything he has done so far.

The song shows off a more emotional and alluring side to his voice, with a backdrop of stripped down South African house rhythms, and a bass-line that will get anyone on their feet. Daniel’s mastery shines bright throughout as he combines these elements so flawlessly to form something that is undeniably a ‘Beautiful Noise’.

“Instead of using a range of electronic elements I decided to use my voice to create different synth sounds which eventually formed the main hook. I’ve realized that sometimes simplicity is so much more powerful in music.” says Daniel who is currently embarking on his nationwide tour which kicked off in Cape Town in August, and now continues to Johannesburg (7 October, Madison Avenue Rivonia), Durban (8 October, Tiger Tiger), Johannesburg (29 October, Burning Carnival Festival), East London (26 November) and Jeffery’s Bay (28 December) — with more dates still to be announced.

‘Beautiful Noise’ is available exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music:



More Facts About Daniel Baron:
– Has achieved a total of 5 number 1 hits in South Africa.

– Opened for Bon Jovi in 2013 at FNB Stadium to 60 000 people.

– Achieved a number 1 hit with the smash collaboration ‘Not Here’ with rap star Proverb

– Won the Wawela Award for Best Male Artist and Composer.

– Top 12 Heat Magazine Sexiest Celebrity

– Has toured and performed in UK, US, Switzerland and Africa.

– Reached number 1 on the Trace Urban Chart

Follow Daniel Baron on Social Media:

Website: www.danielbaron.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DanielBaronOfficial

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/DanielBaronSA

Twitter: @DanielBaronSA

Instagram: @DanielBaronSA


18 June 2016 – South Africa


Local star and multi-genre singer-songwriter Daniel Baron has broken yet another record for his own books. His latest tune ‘Children Of The Sun’, which is fast becoming one of SA’s favourite dance anthems, has entered the 5FM TOP 30 Chart at the number 1 position.

“It is a very rare occurrence when a song enters a chart at the top spot and I have my fans to thank for the incredible support they have given me.” says Baron, who is not new to chart success. ‘Children Of The Sun’ will mark his fourth number 1 hit, among other well-known offerings such as ‘Not Here’ featuring rap star ProVerb, and the successful collaboration ‘Say What You Want’ with supergroup ADAM.

It has not always been easy-sailing for the chart-topper. “I started writing songs and playing gigs at the age of fifteen, and after being turned down by a few record labels back then I decided to do it all on my own. Its been a very long and hard journey to get to where I am today, but its all been worth it.”

‘Children Of The Sun’ is also charting on most other radio stations across South Africa and last week the song became the second most downloaded SA dance track on iTunes. Daniel’s other achievements include winning a Wawela Music Award for Best Male Singer/Songwriter, opening for Bon Jovi, and writing songs for other artists and adverts including the DStv theme song ‘So Much More’.

Check out the music video: http://youtu.be/3LnUKUOdCsI
Buy the song on iTunes: https://itun.es/za/AD01bb
Children Of The Sun - Background


Children Of The Sun (Official Music Video)

Daniel Baron has just released the official music video for his latest hit single ‘Children of The Sun’.

The song is already being heard on all major radio stations across the country and is currently in the Top 20 of the South African Shazam Chart.
“It’s colourful, psychedelic and one big party,” says Daniel. The music video depicts young and old celebrating life together in a carnival themed bash.
A week before shooting the video, Daniel made a public announcement on his social media platforms for his fans to be part of the video.
‘This one is for my awesome, supportive and rockstar fans”, Daniel said upon completion of the video.
FUN FACT: The Roll Royce Wraith that is seen in the music video was also featured in the 1981 film, ARTHUR.
YouTube: Daniel Baron – Children Of The Sun Official Music Video

iTunes Link To Children Of The Sun’: https://itun.es/za/AD01bb


Chart-topper, Daniel Baron Releases Deep-House Single



Following the major success of his debut and sophomore albums, critically acclaimed South African singer-songwriter, Daniel Baron has released his latest offering: a catchy deep-house anthem titled ‘Children Of The Sun’. The highly anticipated single has been made available digitally on iTunes and all other online download platforms.

Known for crossing-over genres and his multitude of chart-topping hits such as ‘Indestructible’‘Not Here (Feat. ProVerb) and DStv theme song ‘So Much More’; Baron now ventures into dance territory with this captivating and club-destroying tune. Canyon-deep basslines rise into anthemic vocal choruses that aptly feature a choir of children from the Stageworx School Of Performing Arts.

“The song is all about celebrating life while we are here on this planet. People may have their differences but in the end we are all ‘Children Of The Sun’ and sometimes we just need to let our hair down and have a party.” Says Daniel, who has recently returned from a promotional and songwriting trip around the US. “I came up with a large portion of the song’s concept whilst travelling and exploring different sounds overseas, yet it still carries a homegrown local flavour.”

Daniel Baron has not only become a household name locally, he has achieved major radio-play in Holland, Belgium and Greeceand has written songs for a number of movie theme soundtracks, including US film STUCK and local blockbuster Vir Altyd. Among other nominations he won a Wawela Award for Best Male Artist & Songwriter, and in 2013 he was selected as opening act for Bon Jovi.

This week Daniel added another #1 hit to his catalogue with his first-ever Afrikaans song ‘Hart’.

Whether he’s performing his own hits to audiences around the world (UK, US, Switzerland and Zambia) or penning and producing songs for other artists, everything he touches turns into another triumph. With his experimental and rule-breaking nature, there is no telling where this hit-maker could venture to next.

Follow Daniel Baron on social media:
Twitter: @DanielBaronSA
Instagram: @DanielBaronSA

iTunes Link To Children Of The Sun’: https://itun.es/za/AD01bb
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Children Of The Sun - Single

Daniel Baron & ADAM Release Collaboration EP




After the success of ADAM and Daniel Baron’s smash hit SAY WHAT YOU WANT the YOUNG AND WILD EP continues this chapter.  Because of the nationwide support and public demand, this single (that was merely going to be a once-off), turned into a collection of six English songs that will take the listener on an incredible journey through up tempo anthems to emotional ballads, bound to give you goose bumps. Through-out the EP it is clear that both ADAM and Daniel Baron’s different sounds have joined cohesively to become something recognizable and fresh at the same time.

YOUNG AND WILD carries the positive message that life is short, so we all need to kiss the ground, have a good time, fall in love, and live it up like we’re young and wild.

“When two or more minds start to collaborate and create songs, the product usually turns into something larger than expected, and working on Young & Wild, I feel we have combined our crafts to create some of the best songs we have ever written.  In the end, all that we have set out to do is create good songs that relate to where we are in our lives and they happen to be easy to sing along to. We hope the world will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”Daniel Baron

“This EP brings together two very distinct sounds in ADAM and Daniel and yet with the final product it sounds like we have been writing and performing together forever. Definitely the most exhilarating project we’ve ever worked on and with some of our most personal songs yet; combined with the production genius of Robin Kiely, makes this an album that we will forever be proud of.“ Hugo Ludik – ADAM

“I love that the guys are open to exploring the industry.  They teamed up for a song, it became a hit and now, they’re making it work to their advantage.  I’m super stoked to hear what the guys have come up with”El Broide – People Magazine



The EP will be available on iTunes from Friday 30 October 2015 as well as in selected retail stores and will be released by Universal Music SA.  It features their smash hit alongside five other original tracks.


Follow ADAM on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/adamgroep?fref=ts

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